Sunday, September 14, 2008


My little man Ty is two years old today. If he could read, I would write him a note and leave it on his bathroom mirror this morning. This is what it would say.


Whew. We made it to two. Can you believe it?! In the midst of our running around trying to make sure everybody had a nap and bottle you grew up. Kind of. You are a tall kid and often people ask me if I think you'll be a basketball player when you grow up. I don't know bud, maybe you will. I hope you won't want to play football or hockey because I know you would get hurt but don't tell Daddy I said that. It's one of the things we'll try to keep on the down-low...that and how we scramble around the day Daddy comes home from a trip cleaning the house because we've pretty much just lived however with him gone :) I'm glad you have started helping me pick up pillows and put toys back in the basket. You always like things a certain way, and often yell "uh nuh," (OH NO) when I do something you don't like. It almost makes me laugh when you say it but I know that it's my job to not let you get away with that. Sometimes the thought of disciplining you is overwhelming to me. I believe that God has given you many gifts that have nothing to do with me or Daddy and it is my job to help you develop those and also be an upstanding citizen. You know, at church or friends' houses or wherever for now. That is why I make you share. That was a tough lesson, wasn't it? You're really getting it now though, and you even try to make me share with other people. As well I should.

Sharing you with the world is exciting and scary. I know that there have been times over the last two years when I have panicked that something was not right with you--late at night when I have a hunch and go check on you I am always so happy to see you sacked out in your crib that you almost touch end-to-end. I remember when I first put you in that big old bed and I thought, "Surely people don't expect me to LEAVE HIM HERE by himself." They did. And I did. And you turned into a great sleeper! Praise God for that for sure. 

You are many things to me, Ty. You are life and joy and patience (because you are the main vessel God teaches me patience right now :)) and hope for the future. I love that you want to come see me when you first wake up from your nap or in the morning, when every other time of day you want to see Daddy first. I love that you scrunch up your face when you smile. I love that you can sit through an entire concert on Good Morning America because you love listening to music. I love how you sing the itsy bitsy spider and make up your own motions. I know what you mean. I love that you took it in stride when you were dethroned as the baby right after your first birthday. I love when you give Charlie hugs when prompted. And how you "hug" by leaning your head into somebody without touching them when you don't know them very well. Hey I think that should count too.

You love blocks, hearing the ABC's, counting, music, swinging, riding in the car, saying "car," every time we pass a car, walking into the grocery store, climbing on the playground, your blanket, baby Tad, banging two matching things together--whatever they are doesn't matter--lining up the shampoo bottles in the shower, eating chips and "cwackaas" (crackers), going to double dips, macaroni and cheese, sonic fries, climbing the stairs, counting Daddy's fingers, and entertaining your sister. 

Little man, you rocked my world when you came along. I pray that your edginess will result in a refined young little soldier for the Lord one day. I know that God will give me all that I need to teach you about Himself. I promise to work hard at doing what He asks me to do. This might result in a spanking or correction of some kind just to warn you. Sorry but it's my job. As feisty as you are now I can only imagine how you will be in another year. I'm looking forward to it. 

Thank you for rocking my world and making me a momma. I love you. 

Happy 2nd Birthday!


Miss Mommy said...

That's so sweet, Mary. I loved that and it brought tears to my eyes and not just b/c I just squirted toothpaste in one while brushing R's teeth! Congrats on keeping them both alive for so long!

Carley said...

Sweet Tribute, my friend! I love my little buddy and it's so fun to watch him grow! See you soon to celebrate! :)

Emmy said...

You captured Ty's first two years perfectly. I love that you aren't afraid to say "spanking" in public!!! It IS your job and you are doing it well. He is a sweet kid even if he needs HEP sometimes.