Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

What I did over Labor Day weekend: 
Narrowed it down to two colors for the kitchen. We are painting during Sean's vacation. 
Let Ty swim in this high-dollar pool in my parents' front yard. The front yard is on the side of the house where people drive by and see your kid swimming without a diaper on.
But look at how happy he was. These are like pictures of summer through rose colored glasses. It was just that bright outside. 
Watched Ty build things like this in his spare time. Yes I am bragging. I don't think I could do that. Could you? My Dad is wrangling him in the background trying to change his diaper. 
Took walks every night with my family. My sister-in-law was here with Henry (from MS) so we got to plop all of the kids together for pictures.  My mom will have a few of those so I'll post them later. We got mosquito bites every night--at last count I had 19 on my legs--and Ty has one on his arm that is the size of a silver dollar. I gave him Benadryl last night because he's clearly allergic to the mosquitos . Or their bite--whichever is right. He won't take a nap today. He has been in his bed for over an hour and cycles between whining and talking/laughing. I'm leaving him there until it turns into a cry :) 

We did some yard work and killed a snake. Not an exciting kill (at their house they have been exciting at times,) but it made my mom feel much better about keeping the kids there next week...which brings me to my giddy phase of the post: We are going to Santa Barbara next Monday. I have been packed for approximately 3 weeks. Our last trip together (minus a pack-n-play and 14 bottles) oh and a child was when I was 7 mo. pregnant with Ty. I get carsick/airsick anyway and adding the pregnancy stuff just made it a not-so-precious time. I am so excited. The night before we leave we're going to Mia's to eat some brisket tacos. And all God's people said, "Amen."


Miss Mommy said...

I am excited for you!

I hope Ty took a nap- I'm gonna sound like a bad mom, but I had to spank R to remind her who was boss and she no can look at the wooden spoon and know it's sleepy time and not chatty/whiny time...I'm just sayin'....

Carley said...

cute pics friend! i am sooo excited for your vacation!! i love how giddy you are. :) see you tomorrow!

Emmy said...

I think Mama Em has the right idea! Our mom had a sign in the kitchen when we were little that said "What the world needs now is more mean mothers." But I think in this case, poor Ty had squawking chickens in his head from the dose of Benadryl. He for sure was in RARE FORM today. Hope he gets a good night's sleep.

Mary said...

Emily you are right on! My sister-in-law also has "ugly juice" in her purse...vinegar for her kids' tongues when they talk ugly. Works like a charm!!