Monday, March 22, 2010


Do you have an instant memory connection to smell? I do. I can't remember if I changed diapers before naptime but I can remember what I was wearing and who I was with when I smell an old perfume or a certain strong smell. It's my only talent. Really.

Hot dog smell reminds me of baseball games. Onions remind me of being pregnant and nauseous with Charlie. Cucumber Melon B and B Works lotion reminds me of college and my friend Jody, who wore it as much as I did. Jergens Cherry lotion reminds me of my mom. So does any Gardenia smell.

After yesterday I have a new memory to build on thanks to my gift from my man.

It's called Beachy. And it smells beachy. Yum. I might have helped him pick it out I don't remember.


I love the way it smells. I plan to wear it until it is gone and then years from now when I smell it I'll remember what I was doing at this stage in my life.

Lots of diapers. Lots of laughter. Lots of clothes changes each day, for little people and for myself. Lots of fears and worries for safety.

Lots of new locks installed to protect the kids. Lots of blessing. Lots of burp cloths. Lots of meetings with our pediatrician. Lots of runny noses. Lots of macaroni and cheese. Lots of $$ spent on formula. Lots of thankfulness. Lots of love.

Lots of anxiety. Lots of drama. Lots of gratefulness. Lots of Come To Jesus meetings. Lots of peace. Lots of fits. Lots of snow. Lots of blankies in the washer when they're needed in cribs. Lots of joy. Lots of wildly wonderful memories being made 'round here to help me through hard days.

May I always stop to SMELL the roses.


Lindsey said...

I totally have the smell memory thing! I thought I was the only one. Happy Birthday friend! Love you!

Julie said...

The sense of smell is so powerful! I could smell all those things as you described them...and many came with images and cherished experiences. I remember my grandpa because he always wore "Old Spice". And my aunt always wears "Jean Nate". So I've made, I'm sure the weirdest decision, to wear the same winter fragrance, "Clinque's Aromatic's".

To the lovely inhale of life :)

julie mac