Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fries and fake smiles

I had a fun lunch with my funny, (and fun,) friend Crissy and we talked about our kids and their bouts of The Croup as I call it. We ate grilled chicken sandwiches and split sweet potato fries. Truthfully it was a good sandwich but the fries were the star(s) of the show. I love sweet potato fries. Don't y'all? Mmmm.

Here are some more pictures of the Birthday fun.
Have you noticed her new fake smile? It's hilarious. She can do it on command.
The big kids, however, have to be teased/tickled to smile for pictures. Leave it to their grandparents to get them going. Joy was clearly all done with their humor.

The second attempt was better but still no real keeper. I was hoping to get a new picture with the kids for my Twitter picture but no such luck. They're fun pictures for our family though. One day will they sit still? One day will they smile and look in the same direction? A girl can dream. If you look closely you can see my toenails are painted purple. I am really in Spring mode with my purple nail polish. It's a conversation piece.

PS these pictures were all taken at Northpark, where I spent three out of four days last weekend. This was the first day and obviously it was beautiful outside. And hot. The next two trips we fought frigid temps and snow. Really? Texas, make up your mind.

Okay don't. I like change.

Heck, maybe growing up here is why I like change so much.
There it is, the fake smile. Love it.

She's been a little bit obsessed with me the last few days and gives even Sean a hard time when I'm gone running errands. She's in the phase where she only wants me to hold her and since I can't do that all the time she takes being in the same room as me as enough. I'm thankful she loves me but it's getting a bit tedious for her Daddy. He said to her just now, "Joy, look honey, I'm your Daddy. I am as responsible for you as Mommy is so you need to stop your fit. There are no fits in this house."

Sure, that's gonna work.

I told him if he talks like that to her all the time that could be the problem.


Miss Mommy said...

You look so great, Mary!!

Anyway, how do you keep sand outside and not in your house? Beks has been pleading with me for weeks on using the sand box and I have stood resolute on no. It's mainly tat I don't feel like sweeping sand all the time.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Beautiful Pictures, Mary!!!

Ha! I never had thought about what Miss Mommy said about the sand...I thought one of those tables would be great for the boys, but now I am having second thoughts!

Mary said...

Em I don't know how we manage with the sand table other than keeping the sand there-it's our rule. They get in trouble if they do anything that allows it to drift away. Even joy already hears, "no! Sand stays on the table!" a hundred times a day. I think maybe it helps that it's above the ground? Other than prying it out of joy's hands before bringing her in I don't have much sand inside. There are days when they are banned from it because they didn't obey the rules for sure. Ty likes to dump the sand out onto the slide when he is mad at me! Ha