Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Drummer Boy

Look what Carley found for Ty
Is that a perfect shirt or what? Thanks Aunt Carley! We love the shirt and I love that you thought of him when you saw it. How could you NOT have thought about him? Thank you!
Swinging during the pretty weather made me so happy. We are sick of the rain there's just no other way to say it. The latter half of last week was so nice we were outside every time the kids were awake and starting yesterday, the rain is back. Rain rain go away go find someone else to bug.
And just because I love you I'll let you in on one of my happiest moments: When the order comes and there's a big brown box full of goodies on my front porch. If you know me in real life you've heard me talk about my devotion to Pampers diapers. Huggies wipes but Pampers diapers. Until we were given a diaper shower before Joy was born, (it was a joint shower with Carley given by the youth group,) I had never tried Luvs diapers. I'm now a loyal Luvs customer because for Joy, they don't leak and cost half what Pampers cost. Charlie still gets Pampers because she fills Luvs up too fast...and then some. That's my polite way of saying we had a clothes/bed change routine that did me in during the trial run. It was a urine parade. Plus she wears a size 7, which is pretty much a tiny bit smaller than Depends.

Which diapers do you use? Are there any baby products that you can't live without? I'm always recommending Dr. Browns bottles now after Joy especially since they don't cost more than Avent bottles, which is what I used before them. I also loved my umbrella stroller and tell everyone to get the one I had that we've now broken. I got the maximum mileage out of that thing and I loved it. I'm still sad that we don't have it anymore but since Joy is our last baby I can't bring myself to buy another one. I keep my eyes peeled for one at a resale store. That's another recommendation I always share with new moms. If you can find a good resale store for baby stuff, go there often and don't tell anyone else about it so you'll get the good loot!

I meant to say frequent it and tell your friends about what you're looking for so they'll keep an eye out for you when they go. Yes that's a little nicer.


Sarah Sharp said...

I LOVE! Oh it is so nice to get that big box delivered to your door! We love pampers diapers and huggies wipes, too. Will wears a size 6, so they are getting hard to find in stores. I use swaddlers for Reed because I love how soft and thin they are. Luvs are ok. Have you ever tried the target brand diapers? They are by far the best for the price. But I just got some more for Will and he's been scratching his hiney so we had to stop using them. We are trying out some different ones to see if the Target brand was causing it. They haven't in the past, but who knows.

Carley said...

I love the shirt on Ty! Thanks for the shout-out. There was no way I could pass by that one without getting it for Ty....and that picture and smile of him is precious...wonderful pic of him! Well, since I haven't bought diapers yet I'm not picky. Ha! I do like the Luvs and Pampers best...and I'm not picky about wipes at all. I've just been buying refill wipes and put them in the pampers box I liked best. HA! I know is probably cheaper but I can't bring myself to pay $100 all at once...for free shipping. I'd rather not increase our grocery budget and somehow make it fit (it's worked for baby food and formula so far) but we'll see when I actually have to buy diapers....the convenience is great, I'm sure. And since I only go to the grocery store once a week and target every other week I might end up with convenience. :) But, I also don't have 3 babies to buy for either...I'm sure that would make a difference. I do love the Dr. Browns bottles! And my other baby items that I LOVE is the bumbo. Oh...and the stroller like yours! Oh, and the bath seat that they don't make anymore. Ok, I think I've written enough...especially since we've probably had or will have this same conversation in person. ha! what would I do going through motherhood without you?

Hattie said...

I've been meaning to check out thanks for the reminder!!! Love the shirt too cute and the pic w/ all them in the swings!