Saturday, March 6, 2010


These are Charlie's friends. She loves these four creatures more than any other toy(s). I didn't mention it to you but for the last week these four friends have been lost. Gone. Missing in action. If I counted how many times she's asked for them this week I'd be on the other side of crazy by now. I finally resorted to saying, "Honey, they are gone. Mommy has looked and Daddy has looked. We can't find them so unless you remember where you put them I think they're gone forever." Now granted all she hears is, "Gone. Find them." So that's what she says. "Mommy find them. Kai Lan gone. Dora gone. Elmo gone. Coomonster gone. Mommy find them."

When I got a text from Sean that read: "You're never gonna believe what I found," I knew it was the friends. It was. They were behind the bathroom door, but not just any bathroom--the one that we don't use since the toilet is...well...iffy. I don't know when she even went in there I'm just glad that Elmo, Kai Lan, Dora, and Cookie Monster made it out of there alive. They're survivors. They've made it through the extreme love that Charlie dishes out and they have withstood much abuse from Joy too. Sean made her day when he gave them to her. Since I don't have to hear her asking for them anymore, (at least until she loses them again,) he made mine too.


Miss Mommy said...

I LOVE fin ding things that were lost...kind of reminiscent of the lost sheep, eh?

Carley said...

Oh that would be tragic! I remember what I big deal it was when Elmo was left at my house. :) Glad they are found. Which bathroom is iffy? I think I've used them all at one point. Ha!