Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter dresses

As a gift each year the girls get a new Easter dress from Sean's mom. This year I found them the cutest little dresses for so cheap! I looked through a catalog and found dresses like this
except in Tiffany-blue, (Sean asked me, "do what? What is that?" bless his heart) with white letters/ric rack. I have no idea how to spell that but I'm guessing I'll hear about it from my mom, who, I'm sure, does know since she sews it onto things all the time. Sorry Mom. I tried to call you before posting this but you're not answering.


They came in the mail about a week ago and they are so rippin' cute. They were so much cheaper than I've ever seen a dress like this too--with the embroidery only $30! We ordered them through a company called Personal Creations and just now when I looked for the exact color/dress I couldn't find it. I'm so sorry if you're looking for something like this and I've been no help to you!

I would go get them out of the girls' closet to take a picture but the girls are both asleep in there. Did you hear that? The girls are both asleep in there. In the same room for the first time. I've planned on them sharing a room since Joy was born, (or before,) and it's taken me almost 11 months to try it. I'm a sucker for sleep, see, and can't pry myself out of a good sleep schedule once the kids are on one. They have been sleeping similar amounts for a while now but wake up at different times. Joy is up with the sun but has learned to play in her crib until we get her at 7. Charlie normally wakes up around 7:45 but some mornings we go get her at 9 and she's still asleep.

What can I say it's genetic.

I'm hoping Joy will suddenly start sleeping as late as Charlie but I'm preparing myself for the opposite. Y'all say a prayer that Charlie becomes a morning person. Thanks.


Miss Mommy said...

WE have talked about rooming he kids together just so they have that skill when we travel, etc, but I am way too selfish!!!!

Carley said...

Glad that night went well and Charlie went back to sleep when you got Joy up. When I heard a text come through early this morning I knew it was you with an update! ha! Love the dresses for the girls...can't wait to see them wearing them!

Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

boo. after all that talk about the cute dresses, i want to see them! make sure to get easter pics! (i'm sure i didn't need to say that, and that you will get great pics and post them promptly, but that was just what i was thinking). :)