Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Waste Management

It's all we hear about from master Ty. Trash trucks are essential in his happy world. Well, in all of ours really but to him the trash truck is everything good about life: scheduled, methodical, and musical.

How can a truck be musical you ask? Well let me tell you. There is a wide range of noises when the trash truck enters the vicinity. Here they are in order of appearance.

Clank clank screech clank clank clank screech screech sreech. (the brakes)

Cshsh (stop)
Hummmmmmmmmmm (arm going down)
Clap (clamping onto trashcan)
Ahummmmmmmmmm (lifting trashcan)
Boombabooommm (dumping trash)
Hummmmmmmmmm (arm going back into start position)
Vroom (engine revving to move on to next house)

I know these sounds by heart if you hadn't figured that out by now.

How do I know this (useless) information?

Because if I want to talk about something he's passionate about, this is my best option.

Waste management is the key to parenting my son.

Now my daughters? The key is Blue Bell.

With Sean's sister Amy

Wild Child indeed

"Hey mom can we have this every day? Pleeeeeaaaaaassseeeeee!"

That's all. I'm fresh out of random.

You're welcome.


Sarah Sharp said...

Has Ty ever seen/read "Trashy Town"? WIll LOVES this video and book. If you aren't familiar, search for it on youtube. So cute!

Emmy said...

Cute pictures. Poor Joy really is your first kid worthy of wearing the "Wild Child" t-shirt.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Ty sounds just like Ryder with the Car Wash...he does the exact same thing as Ty...mimics all of the noises from the minute you drive up and the lady on the screen tells you to pick a wash all the way through the fans at the end. I know the car wash by heart, too!

Such cute pictures!!