Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday happiness and taking pictures on somebody's property

Monday happiness is receiving something in the mail that you've wanted for a really long time:

A statement necklace that you've watched...and watched...and and then had the extra money to order.

I love this necklace. I saw it on Dear Lizzy's blog like a year ago and finally went through the process of asking her how I could find one like it.

I showed Sean as soon as I opened it and he goes, "Wow. That's not what I expected. Mammie would have LOVED that!"

Y'all remember hearing about Mammie? His grandmother who had passion for big costume jewelry, cooking, and her family. I love Mammie even more knowing that she'd love my necklace. Little did my hubby know that just made me that much happier to wear it instead of causing me to doubt my choice. I mean, what's wrong with dressing like your husband's grandma?


The rest of the post title: Today on a whim we went to a student's house and took pictures of the kids in bluebonnets. Technically we piggy-backed on Carley and Jason's invitation to go raid the guy's bluebonnet-filled front yard. Sean is editing the pictures now and from what I've seen I'm so thankful we aren't ashamed to trample the yard of an unsuspecting student and his family. Bluebonnet pictures make all momma's happy. I can't explain why it's just a thing.

I'm off to kiss people good night and go figure out what to wear my necklace with. Wish me luck.

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Anonymous said...

Mary! I LOVE the necklace... I'd probably buy a whole wardrobe around it.