Friday, December 9, 2011

Oh yeah

I forgot a few pics of the house. It's not totally finished, (shout out to my extremely Type-A husband who tries and tries to get it that way) but its livable and we really love it.

Ty's room. Excuse me...Ty's baseball room.

His favorite part is the fact that he decorated his trees by himself.

When I pulled this out of the box to show him I thought he was gonna die of happiness.

Now to the girlie room...

Their beds only fit on the room like this but they love it. I made the beds so that their heads were on the far ends but from day one they sleep with their heads together. That kinda makes me really happy in a momma kind of way.

You'll never guess who decorated this tree.

Yes you're right. It was Charlie.

The guest room, future home of one of the girls as they grow if need be. Right now my parents are in there and it looks exactly like this minus the light being on.

I kid. I moved the boxes onto the floor.

My final pic (I know, still missing some of my room-oops) is what we spent four hours today doing.

Can you guess what it is?



Yep, it's probably the most loved toy ever if you ask any of my kids after their jump-fest today. It's their Christmas present from their grandparents. Man oh man is that thing loved!

Next step-seeif I can still do a back flip...

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