Sunday, June 24, 2012

Just what we needed

Last week we brought two kittens home to join our circus. I've never had a cat, don't know anything about cats, and don't really like the whole litter box scenario but I now have two cats.

Great idea, right? Just what we needed, as my mom says. I'm sure she's kidding.

Their names are Peppa and George and they're both female.
Enough said.

Want to see them? This is the single picture I have of one of them being still. Turks out kittens are never still.

May the force be with you, Peppa and George. (named after the kids favorite TV characters from Peppa Pig)


Ginger said...

It was so nice running into you at the pool Friday! Your children are beautiful and it was good to see your smile!

Judi said...

I am so proud of you!