Sunday, July 13, 2014

The one where I make a plan to move to Colorado

I feel like we're still coming off the high we were on last week in Colorado. I feel so at home there which really makes no sense. I feel secure there and I feel safe. Emmy went with us this year and was a huge help of course, not only with the kids but also just with processing what I was feeling during the long drive to and from there. I told her I crave the safety of the mountains-the stability, the concrete boundaries that God so beautifully put together there. You can stay outside all day and never get tired of looking around it's so beautiful. Ugh worth mentioning is that you don't sweat very much even in July. I write that as I picture myself earlier painting outside in the garage wiping my forehead 2400 times because I was (literally) melting. Texas, I love you but REALLY. The two things that are deal breakers for me I live with here: thunderstorms and extreme heat. Ahhhh someday I'll live at the foot of one of those mountains and laugh about the days I'm living now. I'll be laughing wearing a coat in July too, you better believe it!

New books to read, new schedules to make, new plans unfolding. I love this time of summer where you're not ready for it all to start again but you're not wishing for 3 more months of summer either. Gotta run. Y'all be good. 

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