Friday, December 19, 2008

Picture Tag...

And I'm it. Thanks Emily!  I think this is right--You go to your computer, pick the 4th picture folder you have then pick the 4th picture and without editing/picking a cuter one, you post it and explain what was happening in the picture.

Seriously, could I have PICKED a cuter one if I had tried? I love this picture for tons of reasons. First, it is in front of my parents' house. The house where I grew up and still frequent when Sean is on trips, especially when there's a sick baby involved. This computer is a little over a year old so this picture is from the month or so after Charlie was born. We were at Nattie and Popeye's A LOT during those early weeks. Mom is a baby whisperer and Dad is just a Ty whisperer--he plays the violin for Ty and it sends Ty into this magical happy place that he inevitably comes right out of once we bring him back home. I'm kidding. Kind of.

Ty was 15 months old, and since he didn't walk until 13 months, he couldn't make it everywhere yet without a little help from a stroller...or if you don't have a stroller because in your newborn fog you forgot yours...a wheelbarrow. Works just as well and you can throw their favorite toys in there with them so they don't get bored. Can't you picture me walking around the snazzy malls around here pushing my kids in this? I'd probably make it onto a few blogs. If it had a cup holder I'd really consider it.

And so, part of the fun is getting to tag a few people myself. Giddy up.



Mama Em (aka Emily) or is it the other way around?


Super Kakie




Were there only supposed to be 4? Oops. I never play by the rules.

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Emily said...

Love it Mary!! Very cute. I didn't know Jim played the violin! I saw your fam (mom, dad, Graham and Ana) at Adam Brown's wedding a few weeks ago. It was fun to see them all!!