Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Birthday Poem

In honor of Sean's birthday today I wrote a poem for him. But you get to enjoy (a relative term,) it too since I share the good, bad, ugly, and bad poetry with you.

For Sean on his birthday

There's no one like you, babe
I know this to be true
You're different from me in many ways
and yet we're similar too.

I love the way you make me laugh
and the way you love our kids
The way you say, "I love you,"
and your knack for finding tupperware lids

You can find anything in the house
whether you put it there or not,
and you can fix anything, you handyman
hitting nails right on the dot.

I catch you reading sometimes
even though you say you don't
Either photography magazines or your Bible,
and by that you're teaching me a lot.

When I complain that things are hard
you always say, "but give it time...
They're growing, they're learning, and changing
it's really flying by."

Your perspective is so very welcome
even when it makes me mad
I hate that you can be so patient
in the midst of something bad.

You're a great shot (expert marksman!)
Love to hunt dove and deer,
though before this past September
you hadn't been in 4 years.

You sacrifice things for us
and try to always put us first
There's a million reasons to love you
but sharing the main one is a must.

When you smile at me from across a room
or take me by the hand
There's a stillness in my heart
that may be hard to understand.

Whatever worry or pain I've felt
and even the meanness of this world
Can't compete with how you love me,
so I'm a happy girl.

Happy Birthday babe. I love you. We love you. Call us soon because the kids have been practicing singing, "Happy Birthday" all morning and it's wearing me down.

Okay bye.


The Vineyards said...

I forget that Sean and Adam share birthdays! :) How neat!! Miss you and hope all is well- I added you to my blog list so I can keep up with your bunch!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet and funny poem Mary! Happy Birthday to Sean!

Julie said...

You go girl! Loved your heartfelt words to your man!!!