Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Walk with horses

On Sunday we met Amy (Sean's sister) and her family on a ranch to take their pictures. Amy is on top of things, taking her Christmas card picture before Halloween. Can you imagine being that prepared?

Y'all know I can't.


There was a wide open pasture full of calm horses. We were in heaven.

This is Cole, one of the twins who gives us his clothes so that Ty doesn't have to go naked. Every stitch of clothes in Ty's closet came from the boys. Minus the things he got for his birthday from Emmy.

Caroline (where most of Charlie's clothes come from) and Luke (the other twin)

Amy and Charlie


Saying the pledge of allegiance

"Wook Mommy it's anudder horse!"

Chilling back at Amy's and their cool toys

It was a beautiful day, full of treats and animals. And the temperature-perfect. It's not often we get to say that 'round here.

Happy day!


Love Being A Nonny said...

Ahhh....isn't it wonderful to have glorious days?! These pictures are so good!

Carley said...

Hey friend! I love these pics of you guys with the horse but my favorite one is Charlie on that scooter. Ha! She looks so proud. I'm finally catching up on blogs (I should be working) and spent all day yesterday sorting through and editing my colorado pics to finally get those up. Glad I'm done with that trip...6 weeks later. I'm way behind....