Saturday, February 4, 2012

The weekend

We went to my in-laws yesterday and splashed in their puddles

And drove their cars

And used their basketball goal

And then we played with cousins and watched their basketball game

And ate together, and we all laughed. We have prayed and prayed and begged for something to laugh about-and we laughed.

And rode around with underage drivers. Don't worry there was a momma right there, who took this picture.

Oh and we didn't comb our hair. See.

It is hard and healing to be with Sean's family. Hard because there is no denying that he should be here too. We all constantly think about what he's missing, what he would be doing, or what he could be fixing for his parents. It's healing, too, because we all know that it's okay to cry. It's okay to talk about what he left us with-the mess of emotions. We are all so broken hearted.

But there is hope. We all have hope. Praise God that we are not facing any of this alone. We have each other to grieve with and God is with us, paving the way through this new life without Sean. Our hope is also tied to the promise of seeing Sean again on the other side of Glory.


On to new painting projects.

Like the smooth transition there?

You're welcome.

This will be our new desk. Stay tuned.


Michelle said...

Mary, I have been thinking of you often and continually praying. Glad to hear you are finding things to laugh about.

stevenandapril said...


April and I are still thinking and praying for you and the kids. Sean's dad sent a thank you note that was very kind and gracious. Thanks for sharing about them too. We buried my grandmother last week and the hope of heaven was once again highlighted as the gift we all long for.

We love you,


Missy said...

Have you done painting projects before? Because I've had a very unsuccessful one that I wish had gone better because I want to do more. I think my problem was the type of paint. Looking forward to see how yours comes out.

Allison said...

I am loving the transitions.