Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Go Rangers

Hi y'all. I just spent thirty minutes of nap time finding tickets to Ranger games and I'm still feeling the effects-it's a high pressure situation. I found seats and got everything ready only to get the "sorry, your tickets are released since you passed the three minute mark" twice. Three minutes? I can get a lot done in three minutes but man. Talk about anxiety! Ty was sitting right beside me with his head on my shoulder saying, "Please Mommy can we go to that game? Please? Puleaaasseeee?"

I'm glad that's over and we can go back to low-stress events around here.

Things like hanging all of the pictures that are stacked in hallways, get closets in working order, figuring out what we need at the grocery store, and switch all of my cable/internet services to something cheaper and more conducive to our lives now. I think I just decided I'd rather get back on the website and work on ordering tickets.

It's been a good week. We found out last night that Ty is on the t-ball team that we wanted him to be on. His coach and his family had everything to do with why I wanted that team- I know them and felt like the coach will be a good fit for Ty. The coach's wife and her family have been family friends of ours since birth so it'll be a fun Spring with games and practices to look forward to.

I've kept the windows open the last few days and it helps me relax and just enjoy my house. I love sunshine and the smell of freshly cut grass. Don't we all? :)

I've got big plans to blog more regularly. It's so therapeutic for me to share what's going on and to hear back, "Hey, me too!" I like knowing I'm not crazy y'all. Talk to you soon!

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