Saturday, April 21, 2012


She is fearless
and a thumb sucker
and a momma's girl
and she hates being alone

She eats carrots for breakfast
and only wants ice cream for dinner
and wears only nightgowns
because she refuses PJ's

She is coordinated and athletic
and funny and a little bit OCD
and she loves animals
and feeds imaginary ones in our yard

She has beaten the odds
and has benefited from the prayers of many
and she can be a toot
but only when I say "No."

She was unplanned but very loved
and a lesson for her momma in trusting God
and waiting for Him to act when He's ready

She is number 3, just like me.
and she's pretty much obsessed with me and trying to sneak into my room at night. She's able to scale gates without making a sound. So she's probably gonna get into a lot more trouble in the next few years.

But she's living up to her name. She's making us laugh on hard days and mastering her own fake laugh.

She is kind of awesome.


Carley said...

We love joy!!! I love that We got to be pregnant at the same time with your #3 and my #1. She is one cute girl!!

Miss Mommy said...

So great!

micahking said...

Love her!