Tuesday, May 1, 2012


May. How did it get to be May? How is only just May? Another month, another marker for how long we have survived. In some ways it feels like it can't possibly be May and in others it seems like its taken forever to get here. I know this-we are loving the sun around here. Loving the new flowers, new spirit of summer right around the corner. Thankful for the end of winter. I'm still entertaining the thought of moving somewhere that offers both sunshine and sand on a daily basis.

We are having a fun week, full of family and friends. Joy's birthday is this week and you'd think Tinkerbell herself is the one turning 3. Man does that girl love Tinkerbell.

I'm taking Max to the vet in the morning and since this is his first visit to this vet it could be hairy. I'll give you an update if it warrants your time.

Odds are it will.


Missy said...

holy cow what an amazing pic of all the kids laughing at once!

Julie said...

Can't believe Joy is three! I hope her day is super special!

Nori-Lyn Alford said...

So glad to see the pool project is finally done! Tell Tinkerbell Happy Birthday for us!

Jenny Seymore said...

What beautiful smiles all of those babies have! And...you have water in your pool...yea!! Happy Birthday Joy!

Carley said...

Can't wait to come and celebrate my favorite 3 year old tinkerbell on Friday! Not sure I will be able to keep Cody out of the pool though!