Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My future

It may involve more sadness and it may involve a lot more boxing but it's also gonna be happy. It's what Sean wanted for us. I've been down in the dumps these last few weeks, I know y'all can tell. A million questions and frustrations hit me at once. Why, Lord? Why him? Why now? How on earth can I keep this up?

After I exhausted all of my options I came up with this answer:

It'll always be messy. As messy as it (I) was before its only gonna get worse. But I can do messy and I can do ups and downs. With help I'm gonna be able to do this. So thanks for not giving up on me, for sending letters and emails and funny texts. I couldn't do life right now without you. Well, without you and my punching bag. ;)


Carley said...

Love you! I'm glad we have lots of fun things planned this week. :)

clairebear said...

So glad to hear from you again