Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

Back when it was only four of us.

Little did I know it would be four of us in our family again.

Looking at this I can remember how hard those days were-the kids were so little and so needy. Hard days for mommas. Ty was 18 months old and Charlie was 4 months old. Joy wasn't even on the radar...not that she ever was until we discovered she was on her way. Gotta love surprises right?

Oh and I love how Sean looks in this picture. Handsome man. While the photographer snapped away he kept saying the funniest things to me because I told him I needed to go to the bathroom. It was his personal goal to get me to lose it. For the record I did not. I miss how funny he was. That was really one of the most influential things about our relationship. We were friends for four years before we ever dated. People kept trying to set us up and we laughed them off. We asked each other for advice about blind dates and how to break up with other people nicely. We told each other about our families and how much we wanted to raise our own families like we grew up. And we just laughed all the time wherever we were. Then it all changed and we went from friends to dating to engaged to married in 8 months. I laughed the entire time.

Deep breath Mary.

This weekend the kids are in a wedding at our old church. The girls are flower girls and Ty is one of the ring bearers. Anybody want to bet on who actually makes it down the aisle? Cody is the other ring bearer so I'm banking on him making it for sure. And maybe Charlie. I'm taking Sean's paparazzi camera so I'll have lots of pictures to show you. This will be my second wedding to watch since December and I feel like a different person than who I was even a few months ago. I can look at pictures like this one I posted and feel joy and remember things. It's as if the hours and hours of counseling and writing have really worked and I can see past the pain. I'm so thankful it's not all tears anymore. All glory to God!


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful Mar. I probably set you up with most of the guys you were trying to break up with! love you!

Allison said...

Love you. Beautiful family. Praying for good memories and much much joy to come.

Mary said...

Ha! You were so sweet to help me lol

Mary said...

Thanks Allison. Love you too

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

This post makes me happy to know that you can see happiness again!