Monday, February 4, 2013

Lots of sentences

Wouldn't it be cool to live here? I tell you what, Pinterest has everything. I have to pace myself.

Thank y'all for keeping my little Mr. In your prayers. We are trying to find the magic solution to what's bothering him but it may be a combination of things that we can't control. God bless his teacher. She's been so helpful trying things at school and keeping me in the loop. I just love her. I've been told that this time of year is rough on all kids so I'm hopeful that soon he will settle down and start liking things again. Until then I've signed him up for gymnastics to give him something fun and tiring to do. Tiring being the key word.

The girls have started putting on shows every day and I'm gonna post one later today if I remember. The best part is what is said between acts as you can imagine.

I've been studying Esther with a group of women, (Beth Moore's study is the one we're using,) and it's been so good to remind us all that we are part of a much-bigger-than-one-person-plan to give God glory. I'm seeing and feeling walls come down in my heart after studying the truth that I can be used by Him if I keep fighting fear. I'm excited to see what He's gonna do.

Max and Ruby drive me crazy. I can hear it in the background right now and I get so sick of Ruby's voice. Anyone else? I mean wow she never makes Max do anything but oh wait, she's not his mom and where in the world is the parent in the show?

Clearly I'm having a tough time concentrating today.

Time to get going on finishing the craft room. Y'all are gonna love it!


Michelle said...

Max and Ruby...Ruby and Max...I feel the same way. I rarely give that as an option during show time, because I just can't handle it!

Mom said she saw you on your run! Congrats!

The Manuel Family said...

I can't stand Max and Ruby either! You are doing an amazing job, Mary.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I remember when I sat at your computer, telling you how awesome Pinterest was and trying to convince you to explore it.

Always praying for Ty and all of you!

Would love to see one of the girls shows!

Sometimes I wish Ruby lived here so I could disappear ;)