Thursday, June 3, 2010

I realize I'm partial

But I think these bathing beauties are pretty cute.

It's true that we have hit the pool and multiple places like this one. We have also gone back and forth to school as usual as well as meeting with Ty's speech therapist for the summer. He will go to a place close to our home a few days a week to try to improve in the areas he still needs help in. You teachers out there: he has the hardest time with abstract thoughts becoming words he can when he sees a picture of a girl crying holding her knee beside a bicycle and he is asked, "What do you think happened?" He will say, "I don't know. I see the bike it's a red one and I like bikes..." or maybe say, "She fall down...she fell off red bike," but he needs to be able to say, "She fell off the bike and hurt herself..." or something like it. Make sense? Suggestions for me? I certainly want to help him at home as much as we can. The therapy won't start for a few more weeks but we are ready. He loved it when we went for his evaluation. I was so glad, so relieved. He asked to go back already so that's a good sign. The therapist said she saw only language delays and didn't see a need for further testing for autism so that was another encouraging thing. His progress in school has led everyone to believe that his issue is only speech related but it is reassuring to hear the same thing from a totally different source.

We have also been swirling with excitement for Emmy. She's getting married and they're not drawing it out for months and months like I did, (or did I? I forget! That was a long time and many lost brain cells ago,) so trying to hear every last detail about their plans has become a full-time job for me. One I'm very happy to have :)

Ok I'm turning into a pumpkin soon...way past bedtime. Hope you've had a good week! Goodnight y'all.

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We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I am so happy to hear the good news about Ty! Your girls are super cute...we love the sprinklers!

Weddings are so fun...especially when they are not your own! ;)