Thursday, June 24, 2010

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It's been a fun mini vacation with my family this week while Sean has been on his trip. He comes home tomorrow so we will go home and tell him about the fun things we've done.

Ty has had an especially good time this trip. He loved his first Texas Rangers game. It was great fun for me to take him since I have so many memories of going to games as a kid/teenager. Graham (my brother,) caught a ball during batting practice and since his son soon took it over Ty kept asking me for a ball. I bought him a mini baseball for the bargain price of $4 without asking how much the regular real ones cost. $4? Really? Really? It's the size of a big gumball. I also bought him a Rangers cap and ice cream, Diet Coke (for me), water (him) and hot dog (me). I spent approximately $300 dollars.

Almost. Okay it felt like that much.

In other news, Max was up most of the night throwing up which means that at 6:45 this morning when I woke up I found it all and put him outside. Turns out it's nothing to worry about. Turns out like all labs he eats whatever he can find, edible or not. Turns out Irish Spring soap doesn't sit well in his least when he eats the whole bar. The whole bar as in that's how I found it this morning.

You're welcome.


Michelle said...

You always make me laugh! Live the pics. And, by the way, my pup woke us up around 3:30 am throwing up in our room. I spent a good while cleaning that up as we couldn't sleep with the stinch. Oh, the joys of pet ownership...

Carley said...

Another reason why I don't see us owning a pet even though cody LOVES and is obsessed with dogs. ha!

Glad the rangers game was fun and a big hi!

Enjoy your last night on vacation and then coming home to your hubby!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Funny funny!!! No more pets for me. We had two dogs. They will not be replaced...I can't deal!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Dogs are A LOT of work. Didn't seem it before kids, but after kids...bless their hearts, they just get put in the corner and everything they do just becomes hassle. Still love mine though!

You can't go to a Ranger's game without ice cream in a helmet and a hot dog! Sounds like you had lots of fun this week!

Heather said something about a playdate next week, but we will be gone. How does the following week look for everybody? Maybe Wednesday or Friday?