Monday, April 25, 2011

...but we had fun in spite of me

Whew. Sorry for the heavy post yesterday. There was actually a lot of carefree-ness, (I know it's not a real word,) in spite of my internal mess during the Easter celebration.

The proof is in the pictures:

Cousins...lots of cousins. This isn't all of them

"Mom the egg was this big!"

On the prowl

Luke and Cole, the boys behind Ty's wardrobe

Allie, my oldest niece who just decided to go to A & M. Whoop! She's holding Owen, the youngest cousin on this side.

She shoveled candy in so fast you would not believe it

All in good fun...nephews against uncles game of smash the confetti into and under clothes

Confetti eggs+that hair=drama for momma

Caroline and her biggest fan Charlie, who was suddenly allergic to smiling. Little toot.

Luke and Pops, (Sean's dad)

It was humid and about 95 degrees at this point. I had to change shirts I got so hot. Does anybody else keep a spare set of clothes for the child plus a set for yourself in the car? Ahem. I do.

You can't win 'em all

"Mom, there's stuff in the eggs!"

Oh a Baby. "Wook Mom a baby! Candy! Baby! Candy!" those were her words of the day.

Will, who is a few months younger than Ty.

Good times. Tomorrow I'm gonna show you pictures of the weekend with my family. As in my side of the family. But now I'm going to bed since it's 8:15 and I'm apparently 93 years old.

The End.

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Julie said...

You crack me up! I'm certainly NOT as smart as you! I just sweat to death in the clothes I have on, never realizing I could bring more clothes along! I love you girlie!