Tuesday, April 5, 2011

First Easter celebration

While we were at my parents' house we had an egg hunt with family and friends.

These are our lifelong family friends John and Cathy, (Caf, as Charlie I mean Charlotte calls her.) John is holding their first grandson Hank. Remember last Fall when I went to Maggie's wedding? This is her sister Molly's son.

He is a doll.

Henry getting payback from his momma

Uncle Ethan charming Sally

Oh hi Sally! Ethan is funny, isn't he?

Confetti eggs really are worth the clean-up they are so much fun.

Taking a break between hunting for eggs and having their 31st serving of ice cream.

Aww baby Sally. We all agree we could swap Ty for Sally and both would blend right in since Ty looks so much like Graham and Sally looks like me.

Ty really got into the hunt but we lost him when he saw the smarties hidden in one of his eggs. He spent the next 20 minutes opening his eggs, Charlie's eggs, and Joy's eggs. Gotta love siblings who share.

Not that the girls went down without a fight or two.

This week is a normal one but the weekend coming up is on overdrive. Many fun things ahead including another open house on Saturday. We had one this past weekend did I tell y'all that? No contract yet so until things start moving I'm letting my realtor do whatever she wants to do even if it means getting out of the house even more than the last time it was on the market. Busy=fewer words, more pictures. I've been a pictures-only blogger lately but not for any reason other than being busy! It's a good busy, you know? I'm looking forward to writing a few things here that have been in my head. Soon. Maybe. Hopefully.

Ok gotta go work on planning a baby shower. You know me, THE PLANNER.

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