Monday, April 4, 2011

Things heard around my family this weekend

"Mom, this is my best friend Henry." (Charlie)

"Dat hice crean (ice cream) sure was good dinner." (Charlie)

"What dat momma?" (Joy)

"Well...I just pooped. Yeah I used to
ilet paper. No I didn't need help." (Ty)

"No I not Charlie. I Charlotte now." (guess who)

"I said...I not Charlie I Charlotte now."

"Has anybody seen Joy's blankie? I can't find it." (Me)

"Let's give her something else. That'll work." (Sean)

"Have you met Joy?" (Me)

"Can somebody blow this blow-up bed up?" (Mom)

"Popeye, can I have more ice cream? Puulllleeeeaaaassseeeeee?" (All kids)

"Well, I guess so. Sure." (My dad to all children."

"Did anybody get a full night's sleep?" (Me)

"Hi Momma. Howyou?" (Joy)

"Yep P90X is not for sissies." (Me to Ana, who has completed it)

"Where is the Advil?" (Sean)

"Get me some too." (me)

"Momma, I'm gonna drive you to the pet store. You a good girl." (Charlie. I mean Charlotte.)

"Well, I don't want to put my clothes back on." (Ty)

"It's good to be home." (Ty)

"Joy, here's your blankie. I know you missed it at Nattie's house." (me)

"Ohhhh blankie!!!! Yayyyy!!" (Joy)

"Lord, may we never leave that thing again." (Sean)

"Okay kids, time for bed." (me)

"We want to go back to Nattie's now." (Charlotte)

"Of course you do. We will live by Nattie one day and you can go to her house every day." (me)

"Because someone will buy our house and love it and we will move to Waxahachie." (Ty)

"That's right honey. One day." (Sean)

"One day." (Charlie I mean Charlotte)

"So guys what was your favorite part of the weekend?" (Sean)

"Going poop on the potty and getting a trash truck." (Ty)

"Blankie!" (Joy)

"Being with my family." (Charlie I mean Charlotte. This is really what she said. I couldn't believe it.)

"Momma what was your favorite part?" (Ty)

"All of it."

The End.

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Emmy said...

This all really is hilarious. I am so glad the kids can talk now. It helps so much.