Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sometimes I eat Cheetos for breakfast. And dinner.

Well okay and also lunch.

They're the baked ones, y'all don't need to worry.

This morning Charlie woke up with high fever and a sore throat. After a morning trip to Irving to the pediatrician's office, meds for her, and lots of sunshine for me, we are calling it a day.

It's 7:15 pm.

Awesome I know. Bonus: my throat hurts and I'm pretty sure my ear is starting to hurt too.

Again, awesome.

One day at a time, Lord. That's what I'm asking for-just help me get through one day at a time.

Good night y'all.


Carley said...

I hope you feel better! Maybe that's why you were so tired yesterday. I hope you all feel better!!

Lindsey said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. And I love baked Cheetos too. Just don't try the real ones again or you'll realize what you're missing out on. I made that sad mistake. Love you friend.

Unknown said...

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