Thursday, January 26, 2012

First time for everything

First time holding a baby goat

First haircut by baby goat

First orange tractor ride

First blue one

She said, "Mommy dis one orange not gween" that a girl. We have lived in the country for two months and she knows her John Deere equipment. And we don't even own one.

First dance in a horse trailer

First funnel cake

First time kissing funnel cake.

She's her mother's daughter.

First life-sized light bright

First attempt at being an engineer

Not a first...but just showing you what we did today. Sean's mom and dad came to spend the day with us and we all had a wonderful time with them. I'm grateful that they helped with some of the questions the kids ask...otherwise it would have been a really hard day. Today there were lots of questions. Keep praying for direction y'all. You'd think that at their ages they couldn't stump me yet. Not the case.


First time writing his whole name in front of me. He said he's done it lots of times before today???????????but it's definitely the first time I've seen it.

I'm one proud momma.


Carley said...

Looks like a fun day! Jennie should be here any minute and we will be on our way to see you and those cute sweet kids!!

Julie said...

Love ALL the pics!! Praying for you and the kids as you are on this journey!!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...