Saturday, December 8, 2012

All Clear (kind of)

What happens when you say, "Joy, smile."

I can't explain this.

I got the call from my dr that my blood work is all clear-no diabetes, thyroid problems, mono, or blood disorders. So relieved that my body is healthy! So...why am I so tired all the time?

Depression. You've seen commercials and heard about what depression can do to your body, even if you feel able to face things emotionally...well even though I'd say I have more hope and joy now than 11 months ago, my body still feels the depression. It's shutting down energy-wise. I have aches in my neck all the time too, which I thought was something related to how I sleep. Nope, that's depression too.

I've been open here about having anxiety attacks in the past. I see no reason to hide the depression either. I'll switch my "crazy pill," as we call it in my family, to one more geared toward depression and go from there. I'm also supposed to rest when I need to and exercise, drink water, you know the drill. I think that a trip to a beach is somewhere in my plan of recovery too but I may have made that up. ;)

Busy weekend around here so I'll go get things started. More pictures from last week to come...

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