Sunday, December 23, 2012

Those people took my chair

I'd tell you about meaningful things if I had any more brain power left tonight. Instead, a few things I've heard around my house this week:

"Is today my birthday?" "No, not until May." "Is tomorrow my birthday?" "No your birthday is in May." "Is yesterday my birthday?" (Joy)

"She is trying to scare me with her bobo." (Ty) Joy has turned into a mooning offender. I'm not sure what to do about this.

"If you say that one more time mommy I'm canceling your party."
(Can you guess who said this? Her party was almost cancelled 213 times last month and her name starts with a "C"

"Uh mom the kitty is eating a bug." "Is it dead or alive?" "It's legs aren't moving anymore so I think it's dead...yep he's a goner. I'll call the Orkin guy he'll be excited." (Charlie)

"I don't go to school over Christmas break? Well you should tell my teacher mommy she will wonder where I am." (Ty)

"I told Santa what I wanted but I forgot the most important thing." "What is that?" "What I really want is guinea pig." "Too bad if you didn't tell Santa that's not happening...EVER." (Joy)

"Mommy did you know I like fruit now?" "No, which kind of fruit?" "grape Popsicles." (Ty)

"I'm sick I can't go to school. I need to just sit with you at home and eat ice cream." (Charlie)

Reported from Ty's teacher..."Ty, what's your middle name?" "Well it used to be James but now my name is Ty Brave Wilborn since I did so much brave stuff Popeye said we need to change my middle name to brave."

"Guess what! If you look up at the sun in the day it makes you be able to see circles all over the place." (Joy)

And finally, oh wait, you need a little back story first...

I sold all of my bedroom furniture. I gave away some of the living room stuff too since it brought back memories so I found a couch and needed to get rid of this oversized chair I've had since grad school. It had words written in red permanent marker on it. (Thank you Joy,) and it was just old and ugly. Anyway, Dad and I moved it up to the road and put a "free" sign on it. I was out running errands when mom called to say someone stopped and talked to her about taking it then loaded it up and went back toward the house to pick toys up and then looked up to see Charlie and Joy walking hand in hand in the middle of the street. They know how big if a deal this is and they know how big of trouble they get in if they cross our DO NOT CROSS THE BLACK LINE mark...but they were doing it anyway. Mom ran after them and got them back to the yard and asked what in the world they were doing.

Charlie, "Well Nattie Joy was just so sad that somebody took our chair so she was chasing after their car and I came to help her." Then Joy chimed in, "They stole my chair I want our chair back! I go catch them and say give dat back!" Joy cried about the chair for ten minutes. She watched us carry it out of the house and I told her we were giving it away. I mean it wasn't a surprise. The drama runs deep around here.

So the final thing I've heard around my house...

"Those people took my chair!"

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