Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feels like home

We just got home from church and we had a great morning--our pastor comes and goes during the summer so when he is there it's always encouraging, helpful, etc. so that in itself was good. There have been some outstanding preachers already this summer and I love hearing other people but when he's back it feels like home. This was our first time to put Joy in the nursery and I fully expected to be called out and she made it through. We have kind of a bad reputation around the nursery (what is it about church that my kids don't like?!) so I had to gather my courage to go in to drop her off. The other kids did great today and didn't cry until we picked them up from their rooms. (what is it about picking them up that makes them cry?)

I ask you a lot of questions don't I?


I made one of our current favorites for dinner last night so I thought I'd share the recipe. Really, y'all, it's one of the easiest things to make. It's one of Robin Miller's recipes and if you want to try it click here.

Pretty, isn't it? I double the crepe part of the recipe and usually make dessert for the week out of them. I eat dessert all day long...Sean may eat it every other day. Last night I made banana crepes and tonight we'll eat strawberry ones. Just make some whipped cream and you can put pretty much anything in a crepe. Yum.
Miss Charlie took a big hit this weekend and you can see the bruise on her lip. Ouch. She fell onto a rock at the park by our house. She's so tough she cried pretty hard for about 2 minutes and that was it. I'd still be crying with that swollen lip!
Miss Joy is getting in a little groove the last two days. We'll take what we can get! She's close to laughing I think though I forget when they can actually laugh for real. You'd think I have those milestones memorized but you forget so quickly. I've learned a little more about her, what works and what doesn't...and yes sometimes what worked an hour ago doesn't work anymore but that's okay. It's a marathon, not a sprint, right?

Not that I participate in either kind of running. Just so we're clear. Happy Sunday!


Emmy said...

Charlie looks SO MUCH like Caroline. Sorry, Mary, but she does not look like you. On the other hand, Joy looks a LOT like your baby pictures. And she looks like Ty quite a bit. But Charlie is her own girl.

Miss Mommy said...

Mary- I have been thinking about your last post a lot. I so wish we could do this together more than in just in the bloging world. Anyway, I know you know it, but we ALL have those kinds of days...I had about 365 of them last year...I seriously wasn't sure why we had a 2nd child and felt horrible about how much I resented his intrusion into our peaceful lives...I had just started to really treasure R and then this new, totally different baby was tough on me in every way. I felt like the only mom who didn't just love my babies. Fortunately, I (like you) grow into my kids as they age, which is a good thing since the baby thing lasts not so long (regardless of how it feels). Anyway, just know that I've been there, even if no one else you know has been.

By the way, any time I contemplate a 3rd, I read your blog and I thank you for your honesty. I hate it when people say a 3rd is no big deal, just more laundry...whatever. :)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Yum!! You know I love recipes...we'll be trying that one! Sunday's are the best! Funny thing...Ryder busted his lip last week, too! It was his upper lip, though...blood and all the works! It is all better we just need to get the rest of his body better. Poor thing has been asleep for 3 hours...guess I shouldn't complain, but it just breaks your heart to see them feel so bad!