Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's a zoo and you're welcome to join

This is the Wilborn side of grandkids. See how into it Ty was? Mimi and Pops (Sean's parents) used this picture for the Christmas card last year.

Yesterday we drove over to Denton to spend the day with them. His dad is having back surgery in a few weeks and has to limit what he does because of his pain so we bring the party to him. Ha! We don't let him lift our kids (I don't have back issues otherwise I wouldn't lift them either,) so since Sean left for work this morning we decided to spend the night too. Yes of course I would really lift my kids what kind of mother do you think I am?


Most of the pictures that you see here are taken with my phone--it is always close if not ON me so it's rare that I bring my camera anywhere. The good pictures that I post are usually taken by Sean (picture above) and sometimes even my mom, aka Nattie.

If I had my camera on this particular trip you could have seen a great visual of our last 24 hours. The problem is that I would likely be the only person who'd find it all interesting to look back at in years to come. It's been a zoo. I'm finding there are a few days scattered in the last few weeks that are NOT zoo-like. Here are some examples:

Joy woke up at 6 for good though I'd have killed for about two more hours of sleep. My normal non-baby wake up time is 7 but I shoot for 8 oclock when I can to make up for the time spent up with the baby. So this morning Sean left at 5 to get to the airport for a 7 oclock flight. He didn't get the jumpseat so he had to take American to Atlanta to get to work and when he's flying another airline he always gets there early to try to get a seat. I never knew he left honestly--so at 6 when Joy woke up to eat (she had eaten at 2...we're not pulling all-nighters yet but I'm praying it'll be soon,) I realized he was gone and said a little prayer that he made it on time for his flight.

I talked to him briefly while I was feeding Joy and got up to start the day. Then Joy spit up so much she had to be changed into the first of 4 outfits for today. I brought her into my in-laws kitchen and started making myself breakfast. Ty wakes up. Turn the stove off so I can make his breakfast. Make his breakfast. Joy has to burp--cries until I burp her. Put her back down in bouncy seat. Ty cries because he thinks I'm forgetting about him because I had the audacity to leave his frozen waffle in the toaster a few extra minutes. Feed Ty. Joy needs to finish eating so I start feeding her. Charlie wakes up. She needs to eat too, and show me her baby, say hi, tell me in her own language about her night. Joy cries because ??? so I wrap her up to put her back to bed. Tears. From Ty, Charlie, and Joy. Almost from me. It's not even 8 oclock folks.

Mimi comes in and offers to hold Joy so I can eat. Oh yeah I haven't eaten yet. I don't take breakfast lightly so I take her up on it. Start cooking my eggs again. Ty poops and needs to be changed. Turn stove off. Change Ty. Take dirty diaper out to trash bin and wash hands. Put my own frozen waffle in toaster. Turn stove back on. Charlie poops and needs to be changed. Turn stove off. Change Charlie. Take dirty diaper out to trash bin and wash hands. My hands have now been washed four times and it's about 8:15 am.

Start cooking eggs again and eat cold frozen (toasted) waffle. Life is good now. More tears from Ty because out of the clear blue he is petrified when the cat comes near him. Never bothered him before. Sometimes he's a mystery. Tears from Joy because she is fighting sleep these days. Consider giving full custody to Sean even though we are still married. I can't take it. Joy settles in and big kids start watching Dora.

Thank God for TV.

I can't even get into what all happened next. I'm exhausted. Hope your day is more calm than mine!


Rachel and Ian Kirkland said...

i wanna know how you EVER have time to keep up with this blog! you are SO faithful and it is unbelievable! i'm so impressed that you get around to it pretty much every day! WOW, SUPER MOMMY!

Carley said...

Hang in there! You are a great momma! I know you don't think so but from seeing you in action in person you do a terrific job!

Anonymous said...

It takes a special kind of person to do what you're doing Mary. And God designed you to be that person- so you can trust you've got the goods! You are an amazing mom, and you're doing a great job! Remember, it DOES get easier. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow...but it DOES. right?! lol ;-)