Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy days are here again

All it takes is a little sleep. If you know Nattie in real life tell her she saves my sanity. If you know Nattie in real life and have a million dollars, cut her a check and on the memo line write, "Mary's sanity." When I can pay you back, I will, with interest.

This is Charlie at about 7 months...still not sitting up by herself...but having a great time wherever I put her. She has a new trick: she waves and says "Hi!" to everyone she encounters. She grins and bats her eyes too. I about wet my pants when she started batting her eyes. I mean WHERE did she learn that?! Ha!

Aunt Emmy needs a check too while you're at it. She kept Ty at her house for his first sleepover. A brave soul she is. And generous. And great fun for a little man. They went swimming, to school (Emmy's, not his--though if you remember he doesn't know there is a difference), and to 7-11(big fun), got fries for meals, watched videos, and slept in a pack-n-play for the first time in months. I'm suprised he still fits in that thing. Emmy said it hits him at his waist! He obeyed her the whole time and slept his usual glorious hours and was not one bit sad to say goodbye to me. When my life-long friend/other mother to me asked me yesterday if it made me sad when he WASN'T sad leaving me, you know what my answer was?

Lord no!

Did you see the part about how much fun he had? Why wouldn't I want him to be that excited! And did you see the part about her keeping him/entertaining him all night? Yeah it was a vacation for all involved!

This is a real classy layout, isn't it? Ty having dinner right there inches from the TV in a mobile highchair so he wouldn't miss his new counting video we bought at Ross for $ 3.99. It's a Baby Genius, (obviously a Baby Einstein competitor,) and while none of the adults can stand watching it he loves it. It's like Disneyland to him. It's really like Disneyland when we let him watch it while eating pizza in a much-too-small-for-him chair. Notice the matress on the floor. Since there are so many babies who sleep at the same time at any given location we have to improvise on where Joy sleeps during the night so she doesn't wake someone else. This is where Mom earned her millions.

April and Steven had their baby! Their 4th child and I don't know how they do it! Her name is Amarissa and she was born on her Daddy's birthday. Aren't they a beautiful family? They are the sweetest family. And they're Aggies. And their kids have great hair.

Baby Joy is learning new tricks too. She smiles a lot and watches TV when she can. Really she does. She doesn't work the remote control yet but she'll crane her neck to see the TV. She's a Wilborn for sure.

I'm heading home tonight. Thanks for providing a place to vent when things aren't so happy. That's why I make time to share life here-it's a huge blessing to be able to hear how YOU got through hard days and what YOU did to survive. You are part of the zoo now. And part of what God is doing in our family.

Happy Friday!


Emily said...

Mar- I just love your posts. I wish I could see Pam and give her a big hug (sorry- don't have a million) for taking such good care of you:)

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I'm glad you got some rest and Ty got to have some fun! I think us Mom's & Kids all need some time away from each other sometimes! I love your zoo and reading all about it!

Emmy said...

I'll get some of the pictures of our slumber party to you soon. There are cute ones of him playing in the waterfall at the pool and towering over the edge of the pack & play.