Monday, September 7, 2009

The Jeans

These are the jeans. This is not my body in case you were confused. I tried to take pictures of myself in other jeans and then these to illustrate my point that they make you look two sizes smaller but my pictures weren't worth a hill of beans. I know you're not surprised. So look at how they look on a size 0 model and imagine yourself in them. If you're a size 0, I'm not sure I want to be your friend.

I actually have lots of size 0 friends.

Okay just a few.

Things like that don't matter but if you have any remote issue with jeans you will love these. Mama Em, they don't cost a zillion dollars but they are a pretty penny. Unless you're a bargain shopper like me and find them for less than half price. We use a cash budget and I've told you I get to use most of it because I have a husband that is less than interested in what he wears. This pair of jeans that I plan on wearing every single day this winter cost as much as a few pairs of cheap shoes. I'm not a shoe person. If you're a shoe person stop buying shoes for a while and you can buy these jeans.

On to the important stuff: where to do they sell them and how much do they cost? Well if you're really interested, here's the link.

So they sell them at Buckle but I bought them at Nordstrom in the teeny bopper section on the clearance rack. When KJ and I checked her Nordstrom in Houston they told me they didn't sell Big Star jeans and I must be confused about where I bought them in Dallas. Y'all, I'm not that senile yet.

You can also buy them from their website. I didn't link to it but just google Big Star denim. If I can do it Lord knows you can too.

More about my trip maybe tomorrow...I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is Joy's CT scan and Nattie and Popeye are keeping the big kids so Sean and I can both go to the hospital with her. Pray for her to stay calm and conserve her energy. She can't eat past 6 am and the scan is scheduled for noon. Pray for a restful night and for her little lungs to be clear. We believe they will be but this is something we knew we were facing once she was born. We aren't worried or afraid of what we will find but it will be a rough morning for Joy. And I'm sure for us as well.

To be honest I feel like a heel for talking about jeans and my daughter's health in the same post but such is life, right? One is clearly more important I'm counting on y'all to know that.

I'll update as soon as we know anything, which I'm guessing will be a few days. Thanks!


Carley said...

praying for you all this morning!! love the jeans!! that's the 3rd time in about a 2 weeks that i've heard the buckle mentioned for great jeans!

Anonymous said...

Praying all goes well for Joy! Thanks for the tip on jeans... I'm definitely in need of a new pair!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

You guys are in my prayers!!! I'm gonna be looking for those jeans! Thanks for the tip! I was telling Matt something about one of your posts over the weekend and I said, "Well, my friend Mary said..." and then I said, "Well..actually I've never met her physically, but she is totally my blogging friend!". LOL! Thanks for the well wishes yesterday...let us know as soon as you hear something back on Joy.

Heather @ Simple Wives said...

I need to check these jeans out! :)