Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tomorrow...I mean yesterday

Yesterday is right but tomorrow is more fitting.


My niece is Annie. The red-headed orphan with a fiery spirit. In real life, Emily has brown hair. And she's not an orphan.

The fiery spirit part, though? Right on.

She was magnificent. Hit every note and every step perfectly! The show was so good it was worth the drive to Wichita Falls, (which was about two hours each way,) and as a bonus we ate great Mexican food. We went to the little farmers market on the square and picked up okra, oranges, and tomatoes. Did I tell you I started making fried okra? I haven't perfected it yet but when I do I'll share the recipe. Right now it's kinda good and kinda greasy, but mostly just greasy. Bear with me.

Oh and looking at these pictures it's not quite as big a mystery where Charlie gets her wild hair. I know y'all were thinking it.

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