Tuesday, September 15, 2009

No laughing please

Want to update you on all I'm attempting right now. Well, not RIGHT NOW but at this time in my life. No laughter please. At least until I'm done.

*Cooking meals even when Sean is on a trip so I won't continue to eat South Beach pizzas and/or cupcakes left over from Ty's Birthday for every meal.

*Working out on the days he is home and getting back into fighting shape.

Even I laughed a little at that one.

*Waking up earlier than any of the kids so I can get dressed in real clothes every day. I'm really determined to do this one. And well I'm determined to do all of these but this one for sure.

*Only checking e-mail/blogs/facebook twice a day-morning and before bed. My computer is right in the middle of the room we are always in so I have tried to multitask and done a horrible job of it. Sometimes the clothes really do need to be folded fresh out of the dryer.

*Ironing at least once a week and on top of that doing a good job ironing instead of my quick once-over right before I/we need to wear something. Ironing is a little bit frustrating for me because the way I see it, it's going to get wrinkled in approximately 3 seconds around here with all the grabbing and pulling so what's the point?

I know there is a point so I'm gonna work on it. If you see me in public and I look wrinkled, you have permission to ask me if I ironed what I'm wearing. If I'm feeling particularly open to criticism I'll laugh it off and if I'm not I'll bring my ironing to your house. Just being honest.

*I'm starting BSF tomorrow for the first time. In a city 30 minutes away. And Ty is going to a little class too.

I've laughed a lot at this one. I'm hoping Jesus will help me out with getting all of us fed and clothed in time to make the 30 minute drive so I can drop the girls off and get there in time while dragging Ty to meet yet another new group of people--all before 9:15 a.m. I'm exhausted just typing what all has to happen tomorrow between the hours of 6:30 and 9:30.

*To answer your question: Why in the world would I start BSF at this stage in life for the first time and take on such a weighty Bible study knowing full well I can't form a sentence by the end of the day as it is?

That's a good question.

And I'm already in a Bible study that I LOVE. I did it last year and it's called Mom2Mom. We started last Friday and it was so fun. It's at our church so not only do we hear great teaching but I've gotten to meet many other women in my church.

So really, Mary, why?

Well it's simple: I think I'll need more Bible training than ever before to make it. God is faithful to give us what we need and I need better perspective most days! I always spent Wednesdays with Sean's parents anyway so while Ty and I go to BSF the girls will stay with Mimi. We all win.

Wish me luck. Or pray for it to all come together. The latter will be more helpful.

Thank you so much.

It's looking like we won't meet with Joy's surgeon until late this month. Oh I almost forgot-we went to the Dr yesterday for her 4 month checkup.

She is a hefty little thing, though lighter than her sister was at this age. She is off the charts in height and head circumference...a normal thing for my kids...but in the 85th percentile in weight. She weighs a little over 15 pounds. We are decreasing her Prevacid dose for the next few weeks and then weaning her if all goes well. Saying goodbye to Prevacid will be an emotional experience because I think we will have put the drug companys' kids and grandkids through school once all three of ours are done.

Really, Joy is thriving. She flips from tummy to back about 20 times a day, also known as naptimes. She can just about roll back to her tummy but often sleeps on her side. I've never had a kid that rolled this early so it created some issues but thankfully she's "getting it."

Whew this is a long one! See what happens when you limit yourself on the computer. Oversharing takes on a whole new meaning.

Here's hoping we greet you tomorrow with a success story!


Carley said...

You will do GREAT tomorrow! I'm proud of you for at least trying it. You never know until you try! I'm glad I'm doing M2M with you! I love it as well!! Excited to hear how your day goes. Oh, and I'll do your ironing anyday....I'm weird and LOVE to iron! ha!! Love your new goals!

Michelle said...

I know you will do awesome, but I will keep you guys in my prayers. Sounds like Miss Joy is doing well!

Since you will be this way, you can drop your ironing off at our house. Justin LIKES to iron...with starch. Can you believe it? His ironing day is Sunday or Monday night, during football.

Miss Mommy said...

Josh and I have been trying to limit our own "screen time" when we're supposed to be parents, too :) Better some days than others (like right now, my kids are watching Leap Frog while I type)...anyway, I like your spunky little attitude about all these new things, but friend to friend, I am asking you to go easy on yourself where and when appropriate and not to turn over 12 new leaves!
p.s. Where does this Justin live? It's not in Scotland, is it???

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Whew...that makes me tired just reading it! You motivate me..if you can do all of this with 3, I can definitely accomplish things with 2! You're amazing, Mary!

Anonymous said...

I second Joy's sentiments. Your post challenges me to make better use of my time! Thanks friend!