Monday, September 7, 2009

The road goes on forever

And the party never ends

The drive to Houston from Dallas is not a bad one, especially if you're a native Texan. And if you like alternating between old country and Latino music.

I counted how many Robert Earl Keen songs I heard on my combined 9 hours of driving and I got up to 17. It was fabulous. My favorite stretch of the trip was when I could hear Aggie 96, my old but still all-time favorite radio station. Memories flooded my mind and it was like putting on an old pair of jeans that still fit, which reminds me to tell y'all about the best pair of jeans ever. You thought I was all over the place before with my posts, a little vacation just makes it worse! They're in the washer now but I'll take a picture later on and show you--get your pencils out girls--these jeans make you look a good two sizes smaller than you really are.

You're welcome.

So the combination of good country music and good company made my trip just what I needed. We laughed at things that probably weren't that funny and there were moments that were definitely funny. The best moment, (in my opinion,) was when KJ's 8 months pregnant sister hit the dance floor shaking her baby stuff to "All The Single Ladies," where literally even the DJ couldn't stand up he was laughing so hard. Come to think of it maybe that's not funny to anyone else and clearly I needed a vacation.

I'll tell you more about my trip later and show you the jeans but until then, enjoy your Labor Day festivities!


Miss Mommy said...

I would definitely like some more info on those jeans....I am assuming they're not a million $$...surely you wouldn't do that to us...?

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I LOVE AGGIE 96!!!!!!