Sunday, December 6, 2009

Advent calendar: The beginning

We have all cycled through a cold, (or has it cycled through us?) and today I started feeling better. Why not share what I've been working on since I feel like a real person again?! My mom found a great project for an advent calendar and when they (Nattie and Popeye) were here this weekend I copied her and bought the stuff too.

It's a Martha project. As in, you know, the Stewart kind. I'm working on it tomorrow to finish up so you'll see the final product soon but I thought I'd show and tell a little tonight.

The biggest part of the project is from Ikea which we happen to have in our backyard. I've heard they don't offer what you need for this online so I'm sorry if you see it and want to make one but can't get to an Ikea!

The main thing is a three-pack of canisters that have a strong magnet on the bottom and a clear lid. Each three-pack is I think $4.99. You need 25 canisters total, one for each day in December leading to Christmas. Before you complain about how much that costs, (like I did,) remember that this one will last forever. It'll be over my dead body I do all this again. But I would do it over if I needed get what I'm saying? Plus we use a cash budget and this pretty much used it all for this month but I wouldn't have been buying anything for the house this month anyway. That's the beautiful thing about decorations, right? And if you are wondering when I found time to work on such a time-wasting thing, I'll take a moment to kick a shout-out to Aunt Emmy who came to entertain the troops while I worked...I mean created.


Then you need Martha's glitter. I'm pretty sure her glitter is better than everybody elses so this is a must. Use a 40% off coupon at Michaels because Martha is proud of her glitter. I mean look.

It's a 24-pack and it's fabulous.

You can find/print the template(s) for the numbers on her website. I'll include a link once I show you the finished product!

You can see one of the canisters there but I'll show a better one once I'm done. Once you decorate the numbers with fancy glitter you press the number into the lid and put stuff inside to open each day. It's a darn cute project once it's all said and done.

And I'm determined to get to that point.

Okay my head is stuffy again.

Night night.


Carley said...

I totally get it now. I was having a hard time understanding it when you were explaining it. That looks like a project I'd enjoy doing. Maybe I should buy the stuff and save it for when Jasons in Africa and have it for next year. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Emmy said...

Do you put it on the refrigerator?

Mary said...

Yep on the fridge but I'm finding it much bigger than I will fit but not much else will fit with it. Hmmmmm