Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Advent Calendar: It is finished

Because, well, it's the 8th.

I'm obviously a little behind this year as far as the calendar goes. Oh who cares.
My blood, sweat, and tears paid off. Look how pretty that is! I know you're jealous. Don't be! You too can make this thing! See yesterday's post for the link to Martha's website.
Looking at it like this I can't believe I did it. I can only believe it because there's a lot of glitter on my floor.
Here's my other option for where to put it. Which one do you like? Can't decide...
A weird/good thing happened yesterday. Without my help and skills as a personal trainer, (thank God because I would not be a good one,) Joy started doing this.
and she's so proud of herself she almost knocks herself over every time I draw attention to the fact that she is sitting.
See, all of my high-pitched talking almost made her cry. That bottom lip started sticking out right after I took this. Ty and Charlie started sitting at 8 months and um 10 months respectively. So far Joy is the record-holder. Not that it even remotely matters in the whole scheme of things but to us it's an exciting new trick! I was telling Carley today how it seemed to happen overnight just like she said it did with Cody. He started sitting a few weeks ago and she says he is so happy just sitting wherever she is playing. Y'all know I'm all about a happy baby.

On a totally unrelated note, look how cute these sheets would be on Ty's big boy bed. I'm asking Santa for them but Santa has already just purchased him a new drum set since he broke his first one. Note: he had his first one almost exactly one month. The boy plays them so much and so fiercely that he broke them. Wish us luck with this set!

Oh yeah here's the picture.
What he'd really like on his sheets is drums. It's all about drums right now...much like most 3 year-old boys I imagine.

I'm going to be taking a blog break for a few days so unless I see/buy/hear/experience something amazing I'll see you next week!


Sarah Sharp said...

Very cute calendar! We have a stainless fridge but nothing will stick magnetically to the front. Joy is getting so big!

Jenny Seymore said...

It turned out fabulously! I love the sheets as well...Lucas would have loved them when he was that age too!

Katie said...

That is adorable! Great job. I love it.

Cute sheets, too.

Julie said...

Love, love, love:
the Advent calendar,
Joy sitting up,
and Ty's BIG boy sheets :)

Enjoy your blog break! Hope you're doing something fun!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I'll miss ya! Love the calendar, yaaaa for Joy, and super cute sheets! I'm gonna attempt to make me a Martha calendar, but next year...there is no time this year! LOL!

Carley said...

Yay! It turned out super cute. Can't wait to see it in person on Sunday. AND I can't wait to have Joy and Cody sit side by side! So cute! I think Ty will like the sheets!

Dana said...

Oh my word! That advent calendar is so cool!