Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I did not do this

Ty and I colored today while Charlie and Joy slept. I left him at the table for a while and when I came back I asked him what he was drawing.

I drew the tree and ornaments but he drew everything else. He didn't answer me at first because he was concentrating.

I asked him what this was and he said, "Wonderpets!" and I remember him singing the Wonderpets song while he was working but whatever. Details.

His picture is not that crazily amazing I realize. (You're welcome.) Unless you know that the last time he watched the show was yesterday afternoon and the case to the DVD was in the cabinet, not out where he could see it.

So now look at what he was drawing.

I took the case out to show him how exactly right he was in the colors/letter W.

I mean if I'm not proud I don't know WHAT I am.


Julie said...

I want to see what Ty sees. I love his creativity and imagination!

julie mac :)

Emmy said...

I can't believe he wrote/drew a "W" on his own. He is up to something up there in that weird brain of his!!

Sarah Sharp said...

Love it! Will made his first real craft type thing at church last week. It was a foam heart with a snowman, snow and hearts and said "Jesus Loves me Snow Much". I have no idea how much he actually helped with it, but I was proud. Then he found in and tore it to shreds. Proud moment over.

Carley said...

That's awesome! You have every right to be so proud of him...that's amazing! Way to go Ty!

Miss Mommy said...

I am also impressed with the W. I like that the tree you drew looks like a kindergartener drew it- nice effect. ;)

Mary said...

That's my best tree attempt Em. It's sad, very sad.

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Ty is super smart! That is great Mary! I am glad to know someone shares Ryder's wonder pets love! I hadn't seen that dvd...we'll have to get it for next Christmas!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Good grief...that's GREAT! Amazing their memories!