Friday, February 18, 2011

Flashback Friday

I just cried looking at one of these pictures.

Not this one, but I came close.

This one. I will forever be thankful that this little toot is okay. Even when she is a toot. (Every day.)

Can you believe how little Ty was? And how much he looks like Joy.

Arboretum pumpkin pictures from two years ago. I was threatening them through my smiling mouth. You sit here right now or...

The Susan Boyle picture. Come on you see it too.

Baby Me.

Baby Joy. Girl, there's no denying who your momma is.

Ty at Cowboys stadium on a tour with his daddy. He's sitting on the Cowboy's bench.

Aww peekaboo I see you.

So here's a question. How do I know you? Did we meet online? Did we go to Elementary school together? Don't lie. I'm from a small town so I'll know. Leave me a comment telling me how we know each other and you'll be entered to win a new shiny pair of earrings from my favorite (cheap) earring place-Forever 21. I'll choose a winner on Tuesday of next week. Until then, it's off to family play time I go :)


clairebear said...

I don't know you, but I can tell youhow I found you. It's not called surfing the net for nothing. A friend at work has a grandbaby who is a heart baby, their blogroll includes Camille, which is how I found Brooke, which is how I found you. I live in Ruston, LA.

Sarah Sharp said...

I found you through a comment you left on Kelly's Korner when you were pregnant with Joy. You had just gotten some good news about the growth on her lung (I think). I've had a baby since then, so details are a bit fuzzy! But I've been reading ever since and think you are hilarious! I appreciate your candor about motherhood. Makes me feel normal. :)

GreenPrint Mgmt said...
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Emily said...

Oh, Mary, I can't recall our first meeting, but I think I may have known you FOREVER! We didn't go to Elementary together. Our first school together would have been WJHS you in 7th, me in 8th. But since I was the same age as your brother, I know I knew you way before that. In fact, your mom used to give me monogrammed "Emily" clothes when I was little from Emmy. Haven't commented in a while, but love checking in on you and your beautiful family!

Emmy said...

Uhhh... I'm your sister. And I love your kids like my own.

The Vineyards said...

I am not entering this because I want to win, bc it is already closed- but bc I met you a long time ago. Before you even had Tye. I was knee deep in spit up and baby poop with the boys. I still remembering driving to Waxamacallit to bring the boys to be in wedding photos and then driving them back to FM while amy, kyle and tiny Caroline stayed :) Do you remember?!!!!