Wednesday, February 16, 2011

This week so far

It's been busy. It's been fun. It's been busy and fun. Monday was Ty's Valentines day party at school and the moms all snuck in to watch the kids for a little while before party time. Story time.

They call these little chairs their colored chairs. Ty always tells me what color he picked that day. I don't know why this would matter to you.

Aww my little Valentine.

Remember me showing you this book and how hard I was laughing while reading it? Well Emmy found out that the Pioneer Woman herself was doing a book signing in Dallas Monday night so since neither one of us had other romantic plans, (did you know babysitters were in high demand on Monday and it was pretty/very impossible to have one? and Ethan just got a promotion and needed to work that night,) we went to meet her.

There she is, live in person. As funny and shy and captivating as I imagined she'd be. I thought if we met she'd recognize that we would be instant friends and so did about 300 other women that were there to meet her. It was like a concert and she was the rock star. Or country star or whatever.

There's the family picture taken from a mile away so you can't see anybody really. Her whole family came with her and it was so neat to see her kids and her husband just beaming with pride listening to her speak. It was a fun Valentines day! I was inspired the next night to make a new chicken dish.

It turned out well as you can see.

Biggest news around here is that Charlie has a new (but not new) bed. A big girl bed. It's her crib without a rail for now since buying a new bed before showing the house again ranks right up there with buying a puppy and trying to train it. Why spend money now since we don't know how big her room will be once we move? That's my logic. Sean agrees since it means not spending money.

I don't remember these two ever wanting to sleep together before yesterday. Ty asked me to move his big boy bed into her room so they could be big kids together.

Awwwww. The other exciting thing this week is that we will see these two squirts this weekend.

Henry and baby Sally, along with Brooke and Freeland and River. Excitement is the word for it.

Oh ok last thing. Yesterday I met Jennie and Carley for lunch with all the kids. I've struggled lately with parking. I'm not sure why y'all but it's as if I got a new car and don't know the dimensions yet. But I've had my car for three years. So after we ate and I loaded the kids into the car to leave the mall I saw this.


Some poor soul thought it was so bad that they needed to leave a note.

Bless my heart.


Carley said...

How fun you saw the Pioneer Woman! We saw she was in town and I wanted to go and Jason said "why don't you ask Mary to go with you and y'all go out" but I never really follow through. I'm addicted to her stuff and started the book last night. I can't wait for the movie and 2nd cookbook to come out. So fun!!

Julie said...

Girl, I'm jealous you got to see PW! I want to hear all about it! Dude, and what's up with the note about parking! Seriously!

Brooke & Freeland said...

AHHHH I HAD NO IDEA THEY WERE GOING TO BE IN TOWN TOO!!!! Freeland doesnt know either!!! How awesome!!! I cant wait to see yall!!!!