Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow days

We have been snowed/iced in since Monday. I never enjoyed a stretch of snow days while I was in school so I truly get how excited the kids we know are to have almost a week of them. We had one or two at best a year. I remember the sheer joy that followed seeing your school on the list on TV. It was a magical time.

Having little kids and being in the house around the clock, though, is a different story. Being inside this long without a trip in the car can cause strange things to happen.

I gave up on getting dressed on day 2. This is an outfit that Emmy would call an "I'm a mom now and I gave up," outfit.

People start picking strange places to nap.

Oh gotcha! She was pretending.
(I knew but acted surprised)

I knit a lot. This isn't strange but being able to finish things without interruption is. At night we sit by the fire and talk. I knit.

Hi I'm Mary but you can call me Ma Ingalls.

Yesterday Sean and I took turns walking to 7-11 for entertainment. He went first to make sure it was safe. Ha! That just sounds so wrong doesn't it? I sent my man out on the ice with a broken foot to make sure I wouldn't fall. We live less than a mile from 7-11 and we figured it would be open and it was. I bought some candy and chips for the kids and I managed to fit four different cereal bowls, (the plastic kind filled with cereal with a 'fill line' inside for your milk) in my coat pockets. It was 20 degrees during our outings. At times it felt colder than that though. Not that I know what colder than that really feels like.

Since I was successful at walking on ice and dodging the cars brave enough to be there, I decided to get crazy for dinner. I warmed up at home for a few hours then bundled back up. I set out at about 4 walking the other direction and went to McDonalds carrying a cooler to keep the goodies warm on the trek back. Then since that trip was successful I also went across the street to Sonic to get two Route 44 drinks. I had a drink carrier in one hand and the cooler in the other. I was pushing the limits. I wish I'd taken a picture. I will never forget my voyage into the wild to get food for my family. I felt positively invincible. Sean cried he laughed so hard when I walked in the door back at home.

The End.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I've been making for Valentines Day treats. I'm proud of them and really like what I made, mainly because I got to use glitter.

Y'all have a happy day.


Love Being A Nonny said...

Too funny that you went to Sonic too.....Love it!

Nash Family said...

You make me laugh!!! That is hilarious. But I am super jealous that you have a Sonic within walking distance. By the way I really appreciated your "you are not alone" post a few days ago. I really needed to hear that!

Anonymous said...

SO funny Mary... and I know exactly where that McD's is, and exactly where that Sonic is...and that's no easy trek! This week has been brutal! I'm soooo glad we spent most of last weekend outside!

We Three Smiths + 1 said...

I am laughing so hard right now, Ma Engalls!

Carley said...

You are hilarious! I know that intersection quite well and am picturing you crossing over to sonic and carrying a cooler and the sonic drinks. That's not a super close walk...especially in with temperatures in the teens. You are funny. Wish you lived close enough to walk to my house. :)

Dana said...

You are crazy! I didn't mind staying in so much, but was so ready to go to church on Sunday.