Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not exactly on the move

Not exactly on the move yet but we're getting there. Last weekend we rented a storage unit in my hometown to store our attic stuff so that if a possible buyer wants to look up there they can. I also moved all of our decorations, (minus the Easter ones,) there and that frees up a ton of storage space.

We had a great relaxing weekend with family and I got excited again about moving. It took a month off to get me there but that's probably to be expected. Now I'm really ready again. So it's likely that the house won't sell until next Fall. It's just the way God teaches me patience!

While we were all together we took pictures of all the kids and each family.

I wish we had my brother on video doing his "make the kids laugh" dance. It'd be unforgettable to you.

Aw my little toots. There may have been some real laughter mixed with some "if you don't smile right now I'm gonna..." statements involved.

Ty resembles my brother in many ways. Lining up the outside toys=totally something he'd have done.

Baby Sally and her entertainer. Charlie hasn't stopped talking about her favorite cousin. It's a tough contest between Henry and Sally but Charlie now says Sally is her favorite cousin and Henry is her best friend.

Of course.

Oversharing the love

Waiting with my little man for the school bus is a favorite time of mine. He's so excited and I'm happy to have a little time either by myself or just with one of the girls. Today since Charlie was at MDO and Joy took her nap I got an hour and a half by myself.


But the time leading up to it was pretty sweet too.

Thankful today for the chance to be a mother. And thankful for Diet Cherry Dr Pepper to help me be a better mother.

Night y'all.


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

Love these!!! I've been hanging out in your hometown! They have an awesome feedstore with the best front porch & I love all the little say that I'm excited that you're excited about moving again is an understatement!

Mary said...

So fun Joy! Go meet my mom when you're downtown! I'll tell you tomorrow where Dad's office is in relation to the feed store.

Carley said...

Such sweet pictures! Glad Joy took a nap and you got time to yourself! Excited to see you tomorrow!

PS I'm still in denial that you want to move away from me. Ha! Just kidding...super excited for you and you know the drive won't stop us!

Mommarazzi said...

Love that last true!!! Except mine is regular cherry dp...from Sonic, yummmm!