Monday, October 17, 2011


Apparently Joy posted something here this morning. See, she's taken to painting things on the walls while I'm in the shower some mornings. She uses my lipstick for paint.


Since she's been spanked, timed-out, toy taken-away(ed) and still does her painting, I resorted to giving her my phone this morning. I had no idea she found Blogpress, touched "save" AND touched "publish" this making her blogging debut...

Until Carley sent me a text at about 1 this afternoon saying, "Hey did you know you posted a blank page this morning?"

That Carley, she's got my back.

I have more details about the contract, the houses we saw this weekend, and the accompanying anxiety that goes along with the phrase, "closing date." Hoping to post more on the house stuff tomorrow.

Happy Monday y'all.


Emmy said...

I was wondering what kind of post that was. I guess Joy is a technological marvel. Not surprised. Turns out Joy, the one who sucks her thumb and cries for you, is also the child capable of outright disobedience. Never saw it coming.

Nori-Lyn Alford said...