Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WIWW: Overalls are still awesome edition

A few weeks ago Carley texted me something like this: "Overalls are back in stores!" and I was all, "Yesssssss!" and she said, "But they are skinny leg...what do you think?" and I said, "I'll wear my old ones if you do! They ain't skinny that's for sure!"

You have to use the word 'ain't' a lot if you wear your old overalls since they're a bit farmer-ish...but they're awesome. First, what I wore yesterday-taken in my girls' bathroom to change it up.

Comfy comfy top: Anthro sale on Monday at the Northpark location: $9.99 + 25 % off all sale items= not a lot of money.

Jeans you can't see: Forever 21 last winter

And now the big reveal:

Overalls: Old Navy from college that I kept at my parents house for moving days/painting days/just in case I'll ever want overalls again days

Shirt: Splendid from Nordstrom three years ago

Look there's Max in his spot.

To those of you who are on the fence about the return of overalls:

Just go for it. I sure won't make fun of you and anyone who does has clearly never worn them around and therefore knows nothing of their comfort-inducing abilities.

Long live the overalls!


We Three Smiths + 1 said...

You have definitely brought the overalls back!! Love them on you!

Emmy said...

Oh yeah... I wear my Gap "shorts" overalls every day after work. With paint stains. Ethan thought they were cute (quirky) when we first met, but he didn't realize that they would be a uniform...

Anonymous said...

You look adorable in the overalls! They were a total staple in my closet in high school and college... sadly, they are gone now. Had I only known the multitude of post-pregnancy body woes they would have hidden, I'd have kept mine! ;-)

Carley said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post! You look so cute in the them!

Lee Hubbard said...

Love that picture of you in the overalls and barefeet. I hope you publish more of those.