Sunday, October 23, 2011


Sometimes practice makes perfect

Like with costumes...

You can learn to jump, twirl, etc best when you practice wearing your costume

And practicing your poses is important

Other times it is good to stretch, suddenly a crowd pleaser with my kids????? We stretch and do "exercises" in the yard. It's like I'm the PE teacher.

Stretched and ready.

For things like puzzles, practice does, in fact, makes perfect

The boy loves puzzles. He's pretty good at them, and surprisingly doesn't get frustrated with the hard ones.

Aw mom stop.

No, mom, really, STOP.

I didn't technically dress him-his older cousins did-At his daddy's birthday party. Sean thought this wasn't his best gift. I think it was.

(Me and the 8 year old nephews, of course.)

Hope y'all had a great weekend!

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Emmy said...

I love the pictures, all of 'em.

Very cute. Cute matching pumpkin shirts & skirts!