Thursday, October 27, 2011

No really, how are you?

Y'all I've missed you.

I don't know how long it's been since I wrote coherent thoughts.

Well actually it's been quite a while I guess.

Maybe that's not why you read my blog at all. Maybe you read it because it makes you wish you had a dog like mine.

Not likely.

Maybe it's because you have known me since childhood. Shout out Hachie! Or maybe it's because my drama feels very familiar to you. Yep I bet that's it.

I mean who HASN'T been pulled from a dead sleep this past week to find that your dog has already trashed your house and then tried to wake you up as if to say, "Oops, I need to go put. Oh never mind I'm good now."

That didn't happen to you?

What about this-

I drove Ty to school today and as I parked in the parking lot I felt him slide up beside me instead of being in the back of the car where he's supposed to be. I said, "Honey why are you up here and not in your seat? How did you unbuckle so fast?" He said, "But Mom I didn't buckle up that time and I told you I wasn't going to but you were talking so you didn't hear me." (I was on my phone, I'm just putting it out there.)

Nice, huh.

I told my girls at bible study last week about my struggles,(the most current ones,) and I've been in awe at how God orchestrated a few productive meetings from what I talked about. It had nothing to do with me or my delivery--it was all over the place trust me--but we all have brokenness in common. All of us. We are all in need of God's mercy. Bringing us together under the umbrella of motherhood in this particular instance was what God needed to break down barriers. I've never had actual conversations with these girls prior to Friday. I didn't know their life stories. I don't have to know more than what they offered: I just know they are fighting this battle with me. We are standing together trying to replace fear with Truth. Now when I see them and i ask, "How are you?" I hope they answer honestly! Isn't it refreshing to hear honest answers to that question? I don't mean take it as an open invitation to spew complaints on the one asking but give people the chance to know you and what is really going on in your life. Last week I texted with an old friend and when I asked her how she was doing she wrote back, "Not gonna lie life is hard right now but God is good and He is with me!" I love it! See here I was thinking I was the only momma feeling a little overwhelmed and she let me know that praying for her would help her. She let me know that she doesn't know all of the answers but she's not living in fear either.
It's a beautiful thing to see what God can do with our messes. He can restore and encourage someone on the same path. He really can create beauty from ashes. And friends from acquaintances. And blog posts from scattered thoughts. :)

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