Sunday, November 13, 2011

Whose idea was this?

Today I packed a few things and watched a movie while the girls napped. It was a normal day, Sean is home and we stayed in the backyard a good part of the afternoon. We kept Cody for a few hours then met our friends at the ice cream place here. It's been a tradition most Sunday nights, for a few years now. It was a normal occurrence amidst the changes swirling around me...and when we took a picture of all of the kids I knew I was in for an emotional night.

It was my idea to move back to my hometown. I love it there. I love knowing that my teachers from school still live there. I love that no matter where I go I have memories. Ones that I can tell the kids about and watch them learn about where momma grew up. I love that my parents will get to see them all the time. I love that I will be able to send them off to school knowing I'll know what goes on during the day thanks to my teacher friends. I love that there are people from my church growing up that are excited for us and that love my kids already. There is much to look forward to and tons of reasons to be happy about moving.

But tonight I'm sad that getting together with my friends here won't be as easy or convenient. I'm sad that these kids will likely grow a
little bit between visits. I hate knowing I will miss moments in their little lives, moments that I've gotten to experience with them since they were born. I will miss their mommas terribly. I'm grateful for the safety they've provided us to be "off" some days. That on Ty's hardest days they don't bat an eye because they know him and love him. And that any given moment my girls could walk into their homes and feel content and loved. It's no wonder my kids think these kids are their cousins. (They do have quite a few cousins, you know.)

God has given me a few precious years here and I'm thankful. I'm as excited as ever to pack and prepare for the future but not without being sad about the change coming. I guess I need to acknowledge that I'm moving an hour away, not to another country. Another state even might send me right into hysterics. Yes, yes I'm pitiful.

Good night y'all. Thanks in advance for not making fun of me. :)


Carley said...

Now you have me crying!! These times may not be daily like we are used to and I will have to explain to Cody why it's not as easy to just go to marys house but we won't forget each other! We are all determined that the kids always know each other! Cody loves you and your family so much!! It's a priceless friendship!! The joy and excitement in his eyes when he sees your family is really special!!!

Sarah's Slate said...

On the bright side, you'll be an hour closer to me! :) Ok maybe not that great of a bright side but I love you guys!!

Jennie said...

We will miss you!